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While professional Filipino SEO, is starting to be recognized, the SEO industry itself is still new and at an early stage. SEO is a relatively new industry, many key decision makers are not even aware that competitive Filipino SEO Professionals exists in the Philippines.

Because technology is not fully developed in the country, many business owners are not aware of how Internet, Social Media marketing will help their business or they simply believe that it could not work in their industry and with the existing marketing mix. This is not because these decision makers are not effective, but because, most company’s marketing efforts are focused on traditional marketing strategies that are proven effective (direct mail, print advertising, trade shows) and are not risking for something better because it has been part of their corporate culture.

Filipino SEO’s can help your company have a competitive edge over other companies through marketing your business and products online. A business website can increase your company’s popularity to make it stand out form the rest in your industry. SEO, on the other hand, will boost the popularity of your business site attracting more and more customers through the internet resulting to higher returns and increased revenues.

Here are the reasons why you need professional help in marketing your business online:

  1. 85% high income and highly educated adults use search engines as their major sources to find out new websites and search for information.
  2. 55% online sales are derived from search
  3. Internet users are more likely to click a search engine listing (40%) than banner ads (2%), so SEO (search engine optimization) is an important online marketing strategy for competitive companies who wants to expand business online.

Very often, the people who first recognize the potential benefits of SEO are not the key decision makers. They are the people on the front lines of the organization – the ones who deal with prospects and customers every day.

SEOs are different in every way and prioritize different factors but Filipino SEO listens to what it is that you need and what will help you be on top at a very reasonable cost. Filipino SEOs are recognized worldwide and will continue to compete with the global industry.

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