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Search Engine Frequently Asked Questions (SE-FAQ)

What exactly is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the practice of development or redevelopment of a website so that it will naturally attract visitors by winning top ranking on the major search engines for selected search terms and phrases.

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Why do we need SEM?

Reach your websites MAXIMUM POTENTIAL…
Companies that are easily visible can become successful and those that are buried never had a chance.

You simply cannot generate business if your website is invisible to the public at large.

Optimization must be a complete process and the company you elect to complete your service should offer you every service as part of the process.

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What are the Facts about SEM?

  1. There are two ways to target the 75% of search engine users who prefer and click on Organic / Natural listings compared with sponsored or pay-per-click.
  2. Luck

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What you can do to gain web traffic?

KEY: DO a Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

  • Do it yourself (unreliable/you might be penalized if your strategy is not updated)
  • Outsource to a specialist company with expertise in SEO Companies to get a higher ROI and web traffic

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What are Some SEM/SEO Terminologies?

Spider - a browser-like program that downloads web pages.

Crawler – a program that automatically follows all of the links on each web page.

Indexer - a program that analyzes web pages downloaded by the spider and the crawler.

Database – storage for downloaded and processed pages.

Results engine – extracts search results from the database.

Web server – a server that is responsible for interaction between the user and other search engine components.

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What are possible Ranking factors?

  • Web page layout factors relevant to SEO
  • Social Media Visibility
  • Social Networking
  • Blog Content
  • Online Reputation
  • Number of keywords on a page
  • Keyword density and SEO
  • Location of keywords on a page
  • Text format and SEO
  • «TITLE» tag
  • Keywords in links
  • ALT Attributes
  • Meta tags
  • SITE Structure
  • Number of pages
  • Navigation menu

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What are Search Engine Optimization Benefits?

  1. Increase your website traffic.
  2. Make sure customers are finding you and not your competitor.
  3. Put the energy and financial investment of your website to work!

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How to make sure an increased websites' traffic?

  1. Audit of current website traffic
  2. Keyword analysis of your current website
  3. Keyword research and reporting (Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL)
  4. Keyword page titles and content recommendations

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How do we monitor SEM?

  1. Log Analyzer

    All information about your visitors is stored in the log files of your server. The log analyzer module will present this information in convenient and visual reports. Displayed information includes:
    • Originating sites
    • Keywords used,
    • What country they are from
    • Much more…
  2. Page Rank Analyzer

    This utility collects a huge amount of competitive information on the list of sites that you specify. For each site it automatically determines parameters such as Google Page Rank, the number of inbound links and the presence of each site in the DMOZ and Yahoo directories. It is an ideal tool for analyzing the competition rate of a particular query.

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What are the Benefits of SEO/SEM?

  • High positioning for multiple phrases
  • LONG TERM positioning

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